Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Female Pron Stars Application For Hell - (revised)?

Application for hell - (revised)? - female pron stars

Name ______
Sex: male_ female_ / If _ NO_
Age: __
Current Residence :______
Expierience weapons:
Favorite Weapon :________
or have already sold their souls UR (where ):____
(if not), or (at ):____
Residence desired pit 2.dorm other data (name )_____
Desired Position :_________
do u want to be a member of Warior's (me)
Army AKA "Warior's Hellions": ______
favorite porn star :____
Pron favorite movie (title) :____
Sins #: ____
Number of times they had sex or: ____
Number of Persons and death: ____
To provide # of times per day or ____
What is sin favorite UR: ____

Bet too (I am now with how quickly the request will be withdrawn from andAhoo prudeish a $ $ holes replies)
Would u like me to publish, if the UR has been accepted or rejected the request, a new question: ____
More ... "A good friend helps you move, or ... a true friend to help u move a body. Let me know if u ever need me to bring a shovel." - This is only going to U Infernal Warior


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